Hello. It is Imai of ALCHEMIST  L.T.D.. The business of our company is a used car, , looks for the vehicle that exists in the customer's demand from the auction in the Japanese whole country, and exports promptly. Moreover, a used lathe machine, a press machine, used fishing borth, and a used consumer electronic, etc. are taken care of. Please contact me at any time because both English and Japanes are OK.


A used vehicle, the track, the construction machinery product, the machine   part, the lathe, the press machine, the drilling machine, [funetei], and the cabin cruiser, etc. are sold.Please feel free to stop.




〒240-0023 神奈川県横浜市保土ケ谷区岩井町11-1 ダイアナプラザ保土ヶ谷807

TEL:045-489-9311 / 045-489-9312

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DIANAPLAZA HODOGAYA #807,11-1 Iwai-Cho,Hodogaya-ku,Yokohama-shi,Kanagawa-Ken,240-0023,Japan